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Welcome to the site of one of the top junkyards in Central Florida! It's time to learn a few things about junk cars, truck and vans from your most popular junk car & auto recycling junkyard & auto wrecking establishment. Orlando Junk Cars, is now operating a couple vehicle dismantling junkyards in Central Florida's surrounding counties, districts and cities. We buy used vehicles, scrap cars, Orlando Junk Cars, trucks, vans & more.
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We buy junk cars in Orlando, Brevard County, Hillsborough, Osceola, Volusia, Seminole, Polk County, Indian River, Lake County, Orange County and offer cash for junk cars, old or used vehicles, scrap cars, trucks and vans all around Melbourne, Cocoa and all around Central FL. Get much more money for your salvage automobiles today.

Yes, we pay cash for junk cars, trucks & vans and we do offer free junk car removal service, sell used auto parts & we can buy used cars without the title or keys.
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July 18th, 2017 - The price of scrap metal (junk cars) is looking OK & is staying stable at this time. Please remember, we base the quotes on the current scrap metal & junk car market. Our free cash for junk car quote center is available and open late, so no excuses! It's time to clean up your front yard and that dilapidated, old car needs to go first.

Why would you let Orlando city take your old or used car and then let them fine you tons of fees when you can take a preemptive approach and actually get paid cash for your junk car instead of getting charged, fined and/or harassed for it? Do the right thing, let us pay you cash for junk cars Orlando!

Simply call Orlando Junk Cars at 1-888-806-8177 for immediate aged car removal with cash paid & free towing to our popular junkyard. Don't worry, your old car won't be lonely here with all the other recyclable scrap cars, trucks & vans, and buses, but we may end up crushing the obsolete vehicle once it is determined if it's more cost effective for auto parts or just scrap metal.

Orlando Junk Cars enables you sell your scrap car for cash on any day of the week. Our salvage automotive recycling call center will ask a few questions that will further assist us in determining an accurate cash quote for your particular automobile (junk car, truck, van or SUV).

The junk car removal questions can vary by each vehicle, some of which include, what's wrong with the vehicle? What city is the junk car located in and do you have the title? Also, is the vehicle missing any parts

We Buy Junk Cars NO Title, No Problem, ~ 1 Hour Service

Since we are a fully licensed auto recycling and salvage yard, we are legally allowed to buy your salvage car, truck or van without the title. Please have your VIN number available or title # when selling us your scrap vehicle for cash with no title. This important identifier for your junk vehicle can be found in multiple locations.

HELP! Finding Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) (only if no title)

The best place to look for the VIN would be on your vehicle registration or insurance card. If the above documents are unavailable, the VIN can also be found on the vehicle dashboard under the driver's side windshield or driver's door jamb.

Misplacing the title of ownership for your used car or junk car is common among many of our auto seller clients. Old and young, organized and unorganized, we all make mistakes. That's why we understand that there is always going to be a consumer need for selling an old junk car without a title, keys or other documents. Please remember to inform our junk auto buyers if your vehicle is missing any parts. Our simple junk car removal process is being utilized daily by our expanding & respected clientele.

Because we handle such a vast portion of Orlando, Florida's salvage & junk vehicle recycling & dismantling necessities, we have a favored relationship with the local Florida Department Of Motor Vehicles. Imagine skipping the 2-4 hour long lines and being served within a few minutes. We offer many types of junk car removal services and used auto parts specialties in East Orlando & all of Central Florida.

What does this mean for you? Well we have great news! It allows your #1 Orlando Junkyard, Orlando Junk Cars, to waive certain fees associated with scrap vehicle title paperwork and processing so our junk auto purchasing by dealer is putting extra cash in your hand.

Proven tactics for selling your old car in East Orlando, Central Florida quick & easy!
Get it junked fast, free & lucratively. Our junk car buyers are ready to buy your car.
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