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Quote Form to Sell Your Car in Orlando

Get your free quote here or call 1-888-806-8177 for a speedier response. Many satisfied clients have taken advantage of our cash for junk car removal service over the past seven years and we would like to invite you to sell your junk car with confidence with Orlando Junk Cars on your side.
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We buy junk cars, and pickup for free. Your location makes a difference with the price quote. If you are far away from our main location, the price we pay for junk cars will reflect the extra distance that requires extra diesel, wear and tear and driving hours.

Please be sure to notify our staff if any parts are missing or have been removed from your vehicle. Our truck drivers are trained to inspect your vehicle before purchasing to avoid any misinformation given. If any parts are missing, there will be a deduction to your estimated cash price. If we willingly paid full price for junk cars that are missing crucial components, we would not be here today ready to serve you. Thanks!
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