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What is auto salvage? It's a process where a junk vehicle is recycled. It may go through several different processes depending on the year, make, model, and condition of the car. If the junk vehicle is totally beyond repair and is unfit to be put back on the road, then its destination will likely be the crusher.

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Before that, the essential parts are removed to be recycled. It is then taken to the crusher where it is smashed, and the steel is then transported to a metal recycler. If the vehicle is in decent condition, it may stay in the junkyard and its parts may be sold for re-use. Our salvage yard holds many foreign and domestic models, with years ranging from 1980’s to 2000’s.

Each junk car is carefully critiqued before it is chosen to stay in the junkyard. This way we can ensure customer satisfaction, and prevent dangerous vehicles from being driven on the road again. We are a full service junkyard with many auto salvage parts. Call 1-877-833-8933 for more information on specific vehicles and used auto parts.
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